Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  220.0

Signature Authority Delegation for University Documents

The attached table lists various types of contracts into which the University of Arkansas enters on a regular basis. The table is broken down into several categories to better define the type of contract specified. The Special or Standard column indicates if the contract is a specially written contract for a specific purpose or if it is a standard form contract with changes affecting only the vendor, period of the contract and amount, etc. The Current Contract Dollar Level for Authorized Signature column indicates the dollar amount of the contract and the next column shows the necessary signatures required to process the contract.

The designated campus office in the approval process must keep a signed copy of the contract and keep a list of the contracts processed. The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration is to be provided a copy of the list showing all contracts above $50,000. The list should include beginning and ending dates of the contract, the amount of the contract, and other campus commitments required. The list is to be provided to the Vice Chancellor by June 30 of each fiscal year.

The University's General Counsel approves all contracts that require the Vice President for Finance and Administration's signature. All other contracts are reviewed by the General Counsel as deemed necessary.

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