Board of Trustees Policy  890.1


The original PDF version of this policy is linked from the revised date below.

The recommendations for nature and direction of GIT development made at the July, 1957, "Winrock Conference" and accepted by all concerned were reviewed and reaffirmed by the Board of Trustees at its August 6, 1958, meeting. They merit repeating here:

  1. GIT's major task is development of an educational program attractive to young engineers and scientists in closely related fields.
  2. GIT's emphasis therefore shall be on graduate instruction in the basic sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics) leading to a master's degree.
  3. Industry will be attracted by availability of convenient added education for its personnel and personnel will be attracted by prospects for additional higher education. The developmental phase of the GIT program shall be paced to allow ample time fully to explore the preferred method, scope, and direction.
  4. GIT shall be essentially an educational institution with emphasis on instruction and related research.
  5. Future plans shall include development of a doctoral program based on the concepts cited above.

November 18, 1977 (Revised)
August 6, 1958