Board of Trustees Policy  885.1


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AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS AGRICULTURAL EXTENSION SERVICE AND THE FEDERAL EXTENSION SERVICE, UNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE FOR ADMINISTERING THE FEDERAL EMPLOYEES HEALTH BENEFITS ACT OF 1959 (Public Law 86-382) In order that Federally appointed Cooperative Extension employees in the State of Arkansas may be eligible for coverage under the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959, it is agreed that it shall be the joint responsibility of the University of Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service and the Federal Extension Service to administer the Health Benefits Program provided by the Act and the regulations relating to this subject as prescribed by the United States Civil Service Commission and the United States Department of Agriculture. In addition to the requirements for coverage, the University of Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service and the Federal Extension Service will establish the necessary administrative and fiscal procedures, specifically:

  1. The Federal Extension Service agrees to:
    1. Act as the liaison between the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service on the one hand and the United States Department of Agriculture and the United States Civil Service Commission on the other in all matters relating to the installation, operation, and review of the Health Benefits Program in the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service.
    2. Develop and prescribe such internal administrative regulations, procedures and controls consistent with the Act and regulations of the United State Department of Agriculture and United States Civil Service Commission, as are required for the proper administration of the Health Benefits Program within the State.
    3. Provide technical advice and direct assistance to the Arkansas State Extension Service in the interpretation and application of the provisions of the Act and regulations in the installation of the program in the State.
    4. Review and appraise as part of its regular internal audit program the adequacy and effectiveness of the Arkansas State Extension Service Health Benefits Program administration and determine the degree of compliance with requirements.
  2. The Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service Agrees:
    1. Health Benefits Certifying Officer. The State Extension Director will designate two members of his/her staff to serve as Health Benefits Certifying Officer and alternate who will be responsible for the functions prescribed in Chapter XII, Section C.3., of the Administrative Handbook for Cooperative Extension work, which has been approved by the United States Department of Agriculture. Persons so designated must be under Federal appointment and meet other requirements as specified under Chapter XII, Section C.3.
    2. Registration. (1) Within 31 days after the effective date of this agreement each eligible employee shall file with the State Extension Office a properly executed Health Benefits Registration Form, Standard Form 2809, either electing to be enrolled or not to be enrolled in a Health Benefits plan. (2) Each employee who becomes eligible 31 days after the effective date of this agreement must register within the time periods and in accordance with the regulations prescribed in Chapter XII, Section E, of the Administrative Handbook for Cooperative Extension Work.
    3. Enrollment. The effective date of enrollment under B. (l) above is the first day of the first pay period which begins after the pay period in which the employee's health benefits registration form is received by the State Extension Office and in which he/she has been in pay status. The effective date of other enrollments or changes shall be set in accordance with regulations prescribed in Chapter XII, Section E, of the Administrative Handbook for Cooperative Extension Work.
    4. Withholdings. Beginning with the effective date of enrollment, and during any subsequent pay period of employment in which an eligible employee is enrolled in the Health Benefits Program, the appropriate disbursing or fiscal officer of the State or College or University will withhold from the salary of such employee, as the employee's share of the costs of Health Benefits, the amount applicable to the plan and option of his/her choice as shown on the employee's Health Benefit Registration Form, Standard Form 2809. 
    5. Contributions. For each pay period in which an employee is covered under the Health Benefits Program and for which withholdings have been made, the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service will authorize the appropriate State or College or University fiscal office to and such office shall contribute from Cooperative Extension funds, available to the state the amount of the employer's share of the costs, applicable to the plan of the employee's choice as shown on the schedule of such rates published in Chapter XII, Section L2, of the Administrative Handbook for Cooperative Extension Work.
    6. Disposition of Moneys. Payroll deductions and employer contributions will be forwarded to the United States Civil Service Commission, Bureau of Retirement and Insurance, Washington 25, D.C., for deposit to the credit of the Federal Employees Health Benefits Fund by no later than 12 days following the close of the pay period covered by such withholdings and contributions. Checks shall be drawn payable to the U.S. Civil Service Commission and supported by the original of Standard Form 2812, approved by the Health Benefits Certifying Officer, a copy of which standard form shall be retained in the payroll office and made available for audit by representatives of the Federal Extension Service and other authorized persons.
    7. Accounting. Accumulate employee withholdings and employer contributions date on forms prescribed by regulations. In the preparation of records and reports there will be shown the uniform classifications and enrollment code numbers as prescribed.
    8. Records. Maintain such personnel and fiscal records as may be prescribed by the Federal Employees Health Benefits Act of 1959 and regulations and procedures promulgated for administering such Act. These records shall include those which are prescribed by regulations as well as those which may be created by the payrolling office to control and support Health Benefits Program accounting transactions.
    9. Reports. Furnish such reports on prescribed forms as may from time to time be require by the United States Civil Service Commission; by the company or companies underwriting the Health Benefits Program; or by the Federal Extension Service.
  3. The Federal Extension Service and the Arkansas Agricultural Extension Service mutually agree that the effective date of this agreement shall be April 1, 1961.

Administrator, Federal Extension Service
Director of Extension Service
University or College

April 8, 1961