Board of Trustees Policy  835.1


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The University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, consistent with a commitment to international education, may enter into reciprocal student exchange agreements with selected universities outside of the United States whereby a student or students at either institution may study for a term or a year at the other institution under specified conditions. Students participating in the exchange program will pay tuition and fees at their home institution while enrolled at the host institution. Tuition and fees for students participating in the exchange program will be waived at the host institution. 


  1. 1. Reciprocal exchange agreements will be administered through the Office of Study Abroad and International Exchange (OSAIE).
  2. 2. Reciprocal exchange agreements will be initiated through the OSAIE with proposed agreements subject to the review of the Committee on Study Abroad (sub-committee of the Committee on International Programs and Services) and the approval of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs and the Chancellor, after review by the General Counsel's Office.
  3. 3. Reciprocal exchange agreements will be initiated with well-established institutions qualified on the basis of program breadth and quality and location.
  4. 4. Participating students will be screened and selected by the home institution with the approval of the host institution.
  5. 5. Students participating in the exchange program will remain students of the home institution consistent with international provisions, but will also be subject to all rules and regulations of the host institution while studying there, including admission requirements.
  6. 6. Participating students will be examined and assessed as are other students in the host institution during the period of study. The host institution will arrange for transcripts of record to be forwarded to the home institution at the conclusion of the study period. The home institution will accept the credit to be transferred from the host institution consistent with institutional policy.
  7. 7. Participating students from the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, may use existing scholarships and financial aid toward the cost associated with these programs, including the costs of housing, subject to state, federal, or other regulations governing these funds.
  8. 8. The number of participants from each institution should generally be the same each year, with any imbalance which occurs being corrected in the following year(s).
  9. 9. Reciprocal exchange agreements will be subject to review and revision each year and to termination upon the request of either institution.

April 28, 1995