Board of Trustees Policy  825.1


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The role of the organized alumni of the University of Arkansas is defined as follows:

1.        Development of the University:

Planning, development, and growth of the University of Arkansas, including the financing thereof, is the legal responsibility of the Board of Trustees. The Board reaffirms its commitment to furnish effective leadership and direction for a sound program of University development. The Board acknowledges that a strong and efficient organized alumni must of necessity perform an important role in certain phases of University development. Other phases of that development will continue to merit Board attention. The Chairman of the Board is authorized to make appropriate committee assignments for that purpose.

2.        Institutional Relationship and Liaison of Personnel:

(a) The executive officer of the organized alumni shall also be appointed Director of University Alumni Affairs of the University. The Director of University Alumni Affairs shall report both to the head of the organized alumni group and to the Chancellor of the University. The Director shall execute such University duties relating to University alumni affairs as may be assigned by the Chancellor of the University in order to coordinate alumni activities. The appointment of the Director of University Alumni Affairs and executive officer of the organized alumni, jointly approved by the Chancellor of the University and the head of the organized alumni, shall be for one year subject to automatic renewal unless he or she shall be notified a reasonable time in advance that there is no joint approval that his or her appointment shall be renewed for the following year. The salary of the Director of University Alumni Affairs, jointly approved as to amount, shall be paid by the University of Arkansas so that he or she may be eligible for Social Security, TIAA-CREF retirement, health insurance, and life insurance programs available only to full-time employees of the University.

(b) The editor of alumni publications shall be administratively responsible to the executive officer of the organized alumni. The editor's appointment, salary, and staff benefits shall be on the conditions provided above for the Director of University Alumni Affairs.

(c) All alumni publications are instruments through which the alumni and the University communicate each with the other. The University bears an inferred responsibility for their content. The Board of Trustees has previously charged the University's Director of Information with projecting an accurate and adequate image of the institution to its various publics, of which the alumni constitute a most important one. While it is recognized that the Arkansas Alumnus, as the official magazine of the organized alumni, and the other alumni publications should be effectively coordinated with the interests of the organized alumni and the furtherance of alumni interests in the University, the organized alumni and the University of Arkansas Foundation, it is vital that these publications present the University to the reader along lines paralleling the concept of the University which is being presented through its official public relations program. The institution could be harmed by cross purposes which might occur in information issued about the University. To avoid this possibility, broad general editorial policy and news content of alumni publications shall be determined jointly by the executive officer of the organized alumni and the University's Director of Information. An editorial board of limited size with equal representation from the organized alumni and from the University, the members of the board having had experience in publications or public relations, might be formed to give helpful guidance to the editor so that the publications reflect an understanding of the basic objectives of the University and those of the independent organized alumni. The Board of Trustees welcomes the coordinated assistance of the organized alumni in the University's public relations program which so vitally affects the climate in which the University operates.

(d) All officers and employees of the University are instructed to lend their advice and cooperative effort to the organized alumni, its officers and personnel in the accomplishment of the joint and mutual aims for the betterment of the University. The printing plant shall be available for the printing of alumni publications paid for by funds of that organization. 

3.        Institutional Relationship - Finances:

The Board of Trustees of the University shall budget each year in advance a maximum sum to be utilized for alumni development. In addition to salaries and staff benefits aforementioned, the University shall pay cash amounts monthly to the alumni organization in consideration of which the latter shall furnish such additional personnel and all materials and equipment required for the rendition of the following contract services to be supplied to the University on a continuing basis:

(a) Services in creating and maintaining a master set of alumni records containing pertinent information of value to the University and exemplified by various organized and selective confidential mailing lists as the University shall request be maintained for its use, all lists kept current;

(b) Services in folding, preparing for mailing, addressing, and mailing various University public information releases and materials;

(c) Services in raising financial support to be used by the University;

(d) Services generally in acquainting alumni and friends of the University with its accomplishments, programs, and needs;

(e) Services to and for University students demonstrating the values of future participation as alumni.

It is recognized that the University will, in consequence of these activities, be relieved of a certain duplication of effort.

4.        Institutional Relationship - Legislative Affairs:

The Board of Trustees formulates and directs the legislative program for the University. The assistance of the organized alumni will be requested, from time to time, in legislative matters of concern to the University.

5.        Physical Relationship - Quarters:

The Board of Trustees recognizes the need for more adequate space on University property to be occupied, without charge, by the organized alumni. The University administration is hereby directed to study the question of appropriate housing for this purpose.

6.        Institutional Relationship - Fund Raising:

The Board of Trustees cannot delegate the legal responsibility to seek adequate financing of the University, but it will always welcome and require the assistance of the organized alumni in soliciting the alumni and friends of the University to make gifts, bequests, and devices to or for the benefit of the University, provided any conditions attached thereto shall be acceptable to the University. All contributions intended for the "University of Arkansas" by the donors thereof shall be transmitted to the Treasurer of the University to be held for expenditure by the Board of Trustees, regardless of the agency collecting, receiving, or soliciting said contributions initially.From time to time, the Board of Trustees shall request the participation of the organized alumni in programs of fund raising. The Board will, on such occasions, invite suggestions from the organized alumni concerning application of the funds so raised. The Board invites the organized alumni to work with the Board of Trustees in a correlated effort so that unilateral action leading to the harmful effects of duplication in solicitation may be avoided. This correlation may be best exemplified by informing the Board of Trustees in advance of plans for fund-raising or other projects involving the University. In turn, the Board of Trustees will inform the organized alumni, in advance, of any program involving broad solicitation of funds by it. 

It is recognized that the organized alumni may also solicit contributions, including dues, for the support of that organization, and contributions for the use of the University of Arkansas Foundation. In all solicitations involving the name, needs, and good will of the University, the opportunities for direct giving shall be clearly expressed. In all solicitation, promises, or representations concerning future courses of action by the Board of Trustees are to be avoided as possible sources of embarrassment. Further, it is the general policy of this Board that the name, needs, and good will of the University are never utilized for any commercial or political purpose. Within the framework of these stated and numbered principles the Chancellor of the University is hereby authorized to execute all needed area arrangements, contracts, assignments of duties, appointments, and the mechanical arrangements necessary for receiving contributions of funds, personal services, and advice and assistance from alumni, in order that this policy may be implemented at the earliest practicable date.

Nothing contained in this policy statement shall be construed as a delegation by the Board of Trustees of any of its legal responsibility or trust duties.

September 17,1960