Board of Trustees Policy  750.1


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The University of Arkansas is committed to the principles of energy conservation through the establishment of policies and procedures for sustainable design, construction and renovation of major facilities. Incorporating principles of sustainability in building design will enhance the efficient management of resources, reduce waste, protect health and indoor environmental quality, and reduce the long-term costs of operating buildings. For purposes of this policy, “major construction” is a construction project larger than 20,000 square feet; “major renovation” is a renovation project larger than 20,000 square feet and which costs more than 50% of the building’s replacement value.

The President shall constitute a committee to develop and implement energy savings policies for major capital construction and major renovation projects. The Facilities Committee shall consist of at least five members, one of whom shall be the Vice President for Administration and may include campus representatives, as determined by the Chancellors, in consultation with the President.

The Facilities Committee is charged with the development of specific performance criteria and goals for the sustainable design, construction and renovation of major facilities that ensure sustainable, energy-efficient buildings that are based on recognized, consensual standards with a scientifically proven basis and history of successful performance as set forth in Act 1494 of 2009.

To verify the performance of a building component or system, and ensure that design requirements are met upon completion of construction, building or system commissioning practices tailored to the size and complexity of the facility and its system components shall be employed.

Measurements of energy performance based upon metered data for electricity, natural gas, fuel oil, and water shall be performed for the first full year after construction for comparison with the targeted energy goals. This report shall be presented to the Board of Trustees for review.

April 16, 2010