Board of Trustees Policy  730.2


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1. In lieu of other policies and procedures of the Board of Trustees with respect to capital projects, the procedures set forth herein may be used for major capital projects. As used herein, a major capital project is one which exceeds $5,000,000, excluding the cost of land, to be paid from public funds or at least 80% of the estimated cost of the proposed project, excluding the cost of land, to be paid by private funds. This policy establishes procedures for the award and oversight of contracts for design and construction services for major capital projects. This policy and the procedures herein are intended to comply with Act 1626 of 2001.

2. A project proposal for a major capital project will be submitted to the UA System Office as set forth in Board Policy 730.1. The proposal may request authority to begin the process to select an architect and/or engineer as design professionals for the project and a general contractor and/or construction manager for the project. The President may either authorize the selection process to begin or may defer such action to the next meeting of the Board of Trustees, regular or special, or the Buildings and Grounds Committee, regular or special. 

3. Following approval to begin the selection process for design professionals and a general contractor and/or construction manager, the Chancellor of the campus on which the project is to be constructed shall constitute a committee or committees to recommend selection of design professionals and of a general contractor and/or construction manager for the project. The committee shall consist of at least three (3) members, one of whom shall be the Vice President for Finance and Administration or his or her designee.

4. The selection committee shall identify through such means as it deems appropriate licensed architects, engineers and contractors which it believes have the demonstrated qualifications to assure the design and completion of the project in an expeditious manner while adhering to high standards of design and construction quality. At a minimum, the appropriate campus official shall publish notice of intention to receive written proposals for three (3) consecutive days in  newspaper of statewide distribution and shall allow a minimum of ten (10) working days for design professionals, general contractors and construction managers to send letters or resumes in response to the advertisement. The committee may also require additional means of notification including, but not limited to, posting on campus websites, placement of notice in trade publications directed to licensed design professionals and contractors or by direct mail to licensed design professionals or contractors who have demonstrated experience in performing major capital projects for the University.

5. Following the date established in the notice for interested design professionals, contractors and/or construction managers to send letters, resumes and other information with respect to their qualifications and interest in the project, the committee shall review the submissions and shall select a maximum of five (5) applicants for interviews. Following initial interviews, the committee shall select not more than three (3) applicants for design services and not more than three (3) applicants for general contractor and/or construction management services for final interviews. The final interviews shall be held at the time and date designated by the selection committee.

6. In recommending selection of a general contractor, construction manager, architect or engineer, the committee shall consider its established criteria which shall include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) The experience of the professional or professionals in similar projects;

(b) The record of the professional or professionals in timely completion of projects with high quality workmanship;

(c) Other similar matters to determine that the professional or professionals will complete the project within the time, budget and to the specifications set.

7. The committee will present its list of finalists and recommendations for selection of design professionals and general contractor and/or construction manager through the Chancellor or Vice President for Agriculture to the President. After review, the President shall submit the committee’s recommendation to the Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees of the professional or professionals which are determined to be in the best interest of the University for design and construction of the project. 

8. The Buildings and Grounds Committee of the Board of Trustees shall review the recommendation and, unless the Board of Trustees has delegated such decision to the Buildings and Grounds Committee, shall submit its recommendation to the Board of the professional or professionals which it determines to be in the best interest of the University for design and construction of the project. The Board of Trustees, or the Buildings and Grounds Committee if authority has been delegated to it, shall make the final decision and authorize contracts to be negotiated and awarded to the design professionals and the contractor and/or construction manager selected. The Vice President for Finance and Administration or his or her designee shall be authorized to negotiate the terms of the contracts for professional services. There shall be separate contracts for design and construction services.

9. All project architects and engineers shall be properly licensed in accordance with the Arkansas State Board of Architects and the Arkansas State Board of Engineers. The construction manager or general contractor shall be properly licensed by the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board. All subcontractors shall be properly licensed by the Arkansas Contractors Licensing Board.

April 26, 2001