Board of Trustees Policy  620.1


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The approval of the Board of Trustees is required for the addition, deletion, suspension, or significant modification1 of academic programs.2 The Board of Trustees reserves the right to delete programs because of low demand, low productivity, a modification of the role and scope of the campus, or financial exigency (as defined in Board Policy 405.5), or upon the initiative of the President, regardless of a recommendation for such action by the campus. In all such instances, however, the Board shall solicit comments and suggestions from the appropriate campus-wide governance body or bodies, from the Chancellor, and from the President before a decision is made. 

Guidelines for proposing new academic programs shall be developed by each campus and approved by the campus governance body, chief academic officer, and Chancellor and submitted to the President. Such guidelines for proposing new academic programs must provide for review of proposed programs by the program or departmental faculty, college, school, or other sub-unit in which the program will be given, the campus governance body, the chief academic officer, and the Chancellor. If the Chancellor approves a proposal, it shall be forwarded to the President, who will report the results of the campus deliberation, along with his/her own recommendations, to the Board of Trustees for action. If the Chancellor disapproves the proposal, it shall be returned to the campus governance body, and further action will be subject to existing policies and procedures.

Two types of review shall be required for all established academic programs:

(1)    review of annual report of low productivity programs originating in the office of the chief academic officer of the campus, and

(2)    a periodic substantive evaluation of each academic program on a rotating schedule not to exceed ten years.

For the evaluations, each campus shall establish guidelines and criteria which shall be approved by the campus governing body, chief academic officer, and Chancellor and shall be submitted to the President. A recommendation for deletion, suspension, or significant expansion or modification of any program made as a result of either type of review shall be reviewed by the faculty of the program involved, the administrative head of the college, school, or other unit in which the program is located, the campus governing body, the chief academic officer, and the Chancellor. The Chancellor will forward his/her recommendations, along with those of the previous reviewing bodies, to the President who will report the results of the campus deliberation along with his/her own recommendations to the Board of Trustees for action.

1A net change of more than fifteen credit hours in any twelve-month period.

2An academic program is a curriculum leading to a certificate, associate degree, baccalaureate degree, specialist degree, or graduate degree.

January 31, 2003 (Revised)
September 14, 1984 (Revised)
February 18, 1983