Board of Trustees Policy  525.1


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The Director of Public Safety of each campus or another individual or individuals designated by the Chancellor will serve as the point of contact for the receipt of information concerning registered sex offenders who are employed by or attend an institution of higher education. This individual(s) will, in coordination with relevant campus and law enforcement officials, participate in the preparation of a written notification plan taking into consideration the provisions of Arkansas Code Annotated 12-12-901, et seq., and the guidelines established by the Arkansas Sex Offender Assessment Committee, specific needs of the campus, and other relevant information as may be determined by law enforcement and/or campus officials. The written notification plan shall include the names of those participating in the plan, and the date the plan was completed. A Sex Offender Notification Letter and Sheet will also be prepared for each offender. In the event there is a concern with the notification plan from either law enforcement or campus officials, final authority for the plan rests with law enforcement.

September 22, 2007