Board of Trustees Policy  505.3


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Recommendations for honorary degrees will be submitted to the Board of Trustees by the President after having been approved by the campus governing body and the chief executive officer of the campus on which the recommendations originate. Except under unusual circumstances, not more than two recommendations for honorary degrees to be presented at the same commencement shall be submitted by a campus. If a Chancellor deems it necessary to submit more than two recommendations, the additional recommendation(s) should be made as alternate(s) and justification for granting an exception to this policy should be fully documented. In addition to a maximum of two honorary degrees to be awarded at the same commencement, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences is authorized to present a Chancellor's Award. Any campus may choose not to award any honorary degree in a particular year.

The Board should receive the recommendations in order to act upon them at least one month prior to commencement. Public announcements are not to be made until the honorees have notified the Chancellor that they will accept the awards.

April 8, 1992 (Revised)
November 18, 1977 (Revised)
February 23, 1970