Board of Trustees Policy  505.1


The original PDF version of this policy is linked from the revised date below.

Each campus is permitted to award and date degrees at the following times for those who complete degree requirements as indicated:

1. At spring commencement for those who completed requirements since the date degrees were last awarded and for those who do not choose to receive degrees available in 2 and 3 below.

2. On the date of the last class day in the term with the latest ending date of the summer session for those who complete requirements between spring commencement and the end of the summer session.

3. On the date of the last final examination, or the date listed in the University calendar as the official closing date of the fall semester for those who complete requirements since the end of the summer session and the end of the fall semester.

Any student who completed requirements since the last commencement is allowed to participate in commencement exercises even though he/she has been awarded a degree as allowed above.

June 17, 1988 (Revised)
November 18, 1977