Board of Trustees Policy  450.1


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While emphasizing the fact that full-time faculty and non-classified administrative staff members of the University are obligated to devote their working time and efforts primarily to University activities, the University recognizes that a limited amount of outside work for private compensation may be advantageous to all concerned. Deans, department heads, directors, vice chancellors, chancellors, vice presidents, and the president are included as administrative staff. Such persons are therefore encouraged to engage in outside employment which will affirmatively contribute to their professional advancement or correlate usefully with their University work. This employment shall not interfere in any substantial way with the employee's University duties nor conflict with his/her University assignments. Written approval from department head and/or dean shall be obtained in advance of such outside employment. Each dean or similar officer shall keep records on outside employment by personnel in his/her college or administrative unit. The report should include actual time spent during the reporting period. Such records shall be reviewed by the appropriate administrator and submitted to the Chancellor or Vice President for Agriculture by September 30 of each year and such records shall be reviewed periodically by the appropriate administrator. The employee shall always make it clear the outside employment is his/her own responsibility and that in it he/she does not act as an agent or representative of the University. University facilities or property shall not be used except with permission of the department head or dean, and the payment of appropriate fees may be required.

September 26, 1997 (Revised)
June 11, 1993 (Corrected)
April 30, 1993 (Revised)
June 15, 1990 (Revised)
January 15, 1988 (Revised)
June 19, 1958 (Revised)
June 5, 1916