Board of Trustees Policy  435.1


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Following is the policy on salary conversion from nine months to twelve months, and compensation for summer employment:

1. When the employment period of a faculty member is changed from nine months to twelve months, his/her twelve-month salary will be 125 percent of his/her nine-month salary.

2. When a person on nine-month employment period is employed for the equivalent of two months' summer work, he/she will receive for his/her summer work 20 percent of his/her nine-month salary.

3. Employees on nine-month appointments may be compensated for any summer research employment on a basis proportionate to the salary of the previous nine months. For example, full-time summer employment for the entire period between the ending of the previous nine-month period and the beginning of the following nine-month period may be compensated by an amount equivalent to 33 1/2 percent of the previous nine months' salary, and part-time employment may be at a proportionate rate.

4. Annual salary increases for all faculty personnel will be computed on a basis of nine-month employment and an adjustment will then be made for persons on twelve-month appointment, using a factor of 1.25 on the increase.

5. When the employment period of a faculty member is changed from twelve months to nine months, his/her nine-month salary will be 80 percent of his/her twelve-month salary.

January 31, 1992 (Revised)
November 18, 1977 (Revised)
February 23, 1976 (Revised)
December 8, 1956