Board of Trustees Policy  405.4


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The following employment periods are established to govern employment with the University of Arkansas on all of its campuses and in all of its programs and activities, effective for, and hereby incorporated as a part of, all personnel actions for employment to perform personal services during the period beginning July 1, 1983, and/or thereafter:

1.        Administrative Employees

The President of the University shall serve at the pleasure of the Board of Trustees, unless otherwise provided by contract. The vice presidents, members of the System staff, and the Chancellors shall serve at the pleasure of the President, unless otherwise provided by contract. Vice chancellors, associate vice chancellors, and assistant vice chancellors shall serve at the pleasure of their appropriate Chancellors, unless otherwise provided by contract. Termination of employment in such positions shall be effected by a notice, in writing, thirty days in advance thereof.

2.        Faculty Employees

(A) Faculty members who have been awarded tenure, heretofore or hereafter, have a right to continuous employment except for dismissal for cause (according to the procedures in Section IV., C. of Board Policy No. 405.1) or for termination in the event of demonstrably bona fide financial exigency, reduction or elimination of programs, retirement, or resignation.

(B) Faculty members in tenure-track positions (assistant professor, associate professor, professor, distinguished professor, and University professor) who have not yet been awarded tenure, heretofore or hereafter, may be terminated effective at the end of a year by a written notice, given in advance, according to the following schedule of time: (a) in the first year of his/her employment, not less than 90 days before the employment ceases; (b) in the second year of his/her employment, not less than 180 days before the employment ceases; and (c) not later than twelve months before the expiration of the employment after the employment has continued for two or more consecutive years. "Year" will be either fiscal year (July 1 through June 30 next) or academic year (fall and spring semester of the same fiscal year). For purposes of (c) above, the employment for the last year shall be for an academic or fiscal year according to the employment period previously served by the individual.

These termination notice periods are those specified under IV.B., "Non-Reappointment," in Board Policy No. 405.1. In addition to termination as outlined here, these employees may be dismissed for cause, or terminated in the event of demonstrably bona fide financial exigency, reduction or elimination of programs, retirement, or resignation, pursuant to Board Policy No. 405.1.

(C) Faculty members and other academic employees in positions for which tenure may not be awarded (part-time faculty in the ranks of assistant professor, associate professor, professor, distinguished professor, and University professor; clinical, research, adjunct, or visiting faculty; research associates or research assistants; graduate associates, graduate assistants, instructors, assistant instructors, master lecturers and lecturers; and faculty in clinical attending positions at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences notwithstanding that such faculty may be designated as assistant professor, associate professor or professor) may be terminated at any time, or dismissed for cause under the procedures of Board Policy No. 405.1. Termination is effected through the giving of a notice, in writing, of that action at least sixty days in advance of the date the employment is to cease.

3.        Staff Employees

All staff employees of the University, whether full-time, part-time, extra help, or otherwise, may be terminated at any time or be dismissed for cause under University procedures. Termination is effected through the giving of a notice, in writing, of that action at least thirty days in advance of the date the employment is to cease.

4.        Students and Hourly Employees

Students and hourly employees are hired to work at the pleasure of the University and, therefore, may be terminated at any time without notice.

5.        Procedure

The President shall approve procedures to be followed at each campus, division or unit of the University for the utilization and processing of personnel action forms for each employee or for such other system or method of electronic or data entry record keeping or automated information system for employees. The procedures shall be designed to indicate for each employee the employee's title, salary amount and the fact of current employment with the University subject to this Board Policy on Employment Periods. The procedures shall also provide a means for communicating this information to employees.

It is the sense of the Board of Trustees that the establishment, in one Board Policy and procedure, of the periods of employment for all University employees will serve to clarify rights and obligations of such employees, reduce administrative time, effort, and expense in processing unnecessary personnel action forms which are duplicative in nature, make employment periods more flexible so that the expense of personal services may be more responsive to financial resources available to the University at any one time, and will assist in the proper management of the University.

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