Board of Trustees Policy  405.3


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A faculty or staff member has a duty to give early notice of his or her resignation, including the effective date* of the resignation. Notice shall be given in writing to the administrative head of the department to which the individual is assigned. A copy of the letter of resignation, together with the recommendation of the administrative head of the department, shall be forwarded immediately to the dean/director for acceptance or rejection. The dean/director shall give written notice of acceptance or rejection to the employee within five working days of receipt of the letter of resignation. When the written acceptance of the resignation is forwarded by the dean/director to the individual submitting his/her resignation, the resignation becomes final and cannot thereafter be withdrawn.

A copy of the letter of resignation and the acceptance shall be forwarded to the Chancellor of the campus.

*The effective date of resignation shall not be later than the ending date of a current or extended offer of employment to the employee submitting his/her resignation.

March 9, 1984 (Revised)
September 17, 1982