Board of Trustees Policy  1715.1


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Act 707 of 1981 authorizes the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas to grant permission to employees to conduct, on and in campus facilities, certain outside work for private compensation, which is to be engaged in only after their employment responsibilities to the institution have been fully discharged. The Board of Trustees will determine that:

(a) The activity in question involves no conflict of interest with the mission and purpose of the institution itself;

(b) The activity proposed would bring to the campus a significant number of persons who are potential future students who might tend to enroll on that campus as a result of their exposure to its facilities and its personnel while engaged in the activity; and,

(c) The activity will generate funds to be paid to the institution for housing, meals, and for the use of other institutional resources which will produce significant revenues in support of the function.

When such a camp receives the Board of Trustees' approval, the minutes of the meeting at which the approval is granted must include a statement of charges to be paid to the particular campus of the University of Arkansas by the employee as the direct and indirect costs associated with operating and maintaining such facilities which will be used for the camp. Such charges shall be paid promptly by the employee, or by the participants at the direction of the employee, to the University.

In conducting a camp which has been approved by the Board of Trustees, the employee shall make known in all advertising and other publicity involving the activity that participants are contracting with that employee and not with the institution, and that the institution and the State of Arkansas do not assume any contractual obligations for the conduct of the employee's activity. Each camp director will furnish liability insurance for all participants in an amount and with provisions recommended by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at the campus where the camp director is employed. 

After the camp is completed, the employee shall, within a reasonable period of time, submit a complete financial report relating to such employment to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration at the campus employing the camp director in a format and content acceptable to the Vice Chancellor for Finance of each campus.

The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration shall submit to the Chancellor, on an annual basis, a summary of all such financial reports received. This information shall be given to the President for submittal to the Board of Trustees for its review annually.

March 5, 1993 (Revised)
September 18, 1981 (Revised)
May 6, 1977