Board of Trustees Policy  1245.1


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WHEREAS, the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences Clinical Programs' mission is as follows:

1. To establish and maintain permanent facilities for inpatients and ambulatory patients in order to provide diagnosis, treatment, and health education; to carry on associated services in connection therewith; and to provide care to those in need regardless of sex, age, race, color, creed, or national origin;

2. To provide for the citizens of the region and state specialized referral services that can effectively be rendered in a center that engages in a full range of patient care, education, and research activities;

3. To conduct, coordinate, and promote educational activities related to rendering care to the sick and injured, or to the promotion of health, or to the development of personnel in health professions or occupations that are consistent with UAMS objectives;

4. To conduct, coordinate, and promote research in health sciences that is consistent with UAMS policies on these matters;

WHEREAS, it is not possible to provide unlimited clinical care and treatment of all residents of Arkansas who are financially unable to secure such care within the appropriation provided and designated to UAMS for such care by the State of Arkansas;

WHEREAS, it is vitally important to the overall mission of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences to insure the long-range financial stability and the continued quality of its educational, research, and service programs;

THEREFORE, be it resolved that the Board of Trustees of the University of Arkansas directs the administration to limit care to those financially unable to secure such care to a level consistent with financial solvency, staying within approved budget limits.

May 24, 1983