Board of Trustees Policy  1235.1


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Salary and supplementary income ceilings for each full-time clinical faculty member shall be defined by the annual contract with the Board of Trustees of the University. In each instance the Board will specify: 

A. A guaranteed basic salary commitment from the University as recommended by the Dean, the Chancellor and approved by the President and the Board of Trustees.

B. A maximum or ceiling on any additional (supplementary) income that the individual faculty person will be permitted to receive from professional earnings (fees, consultations, etc.) within the limits of University policy and State laws.

Plan A: Faculty enrolled in Plan A will receive their entire professional income as a contracted straight salary from the University. These salaries may be derived in whole or part from appropriations or from various other sources. It is understood that faculty members in Plan A will not have supplemental income above contracted salary but their salary will be at competitive academic levels. 

Plan B: In cases where it is of advantage to the University and acceptable to the individual, an adjusted, guaranteed base salary may be established with the privilege of earning a supplement to be paid from professional fees. The ceiling on combined total income shall be specified in the annual contract with the University. The supplementary income permitted in Plan B is not guaranteed by the University. 

NOTE:Billing and collections for professional services will be through the University Medical Group and all income derived therefrom shall be managed, allocated and expended per University policy and State law subject to state audit.

June 27, 1975