Board of Trustees Policy  1230.1


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1. Faculty members of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine are responsible for optimizing the medical education of their students and for the development of new information through research, both contributing to future quality care of patients. Exemplary care of patients is essential to medical education; and conversely, excellent medical education generates immediate excellent care for a significant number of patients.

2. Full-time faculty physicians, assisted by other personnel, are the key providers of patient care at UAMS. Individually and collectively, these physicians are responsible for the clinical practice of medicine to the extent that such practice furthers the educational mission of UAMS. 

3. Over and above the usual responsibility for supervising the treatment on non-private patients and through the voluntary assumption of additional responsibility and with the expenditure of unusual time and effort, faculty physicians may elect to function as private physicians for selected private patients. Optimal private practice of medicine at UAMS is essential to the educational mission. Development and maintenance of optimal quality and quantity of private practice is a shared responsibility of the individual physician, his or her service chief, the Dean of the School of Medicine, the Vice President for Health Sciences and the Hospital Director. Each shall have a vote on all policy matters.

4. The collectivity of full-time faculty physicians involved in private practice at UAMS is designated as the University Medical Group (UMG). The operational Board of UMG consists of the Dean of the School of Medicine and of each chief of service as designated by the Dean.

5. As custodian of professional fees for UMG, UAMS is responsible, through appropriate fiscal and accounting mechanisms, for the maintenance of a separate auxiliary professional fee fund. On the request of any medical service chief and with the approval of the UMG Board, specific but subsidiary accounts may be established for each service contributing to the fund. These professional fee accounts are subject to the same auditing procedures applied to other UAMS accounts. The disbursement or transfer of professional fee funds from these accounts must be authorized by the UMG Board.

6. Within State regulations and University guidelines and as authorized by the UMG Board in consultation with the Dean of the School of Medicine, UMG funds will be expended for faculty support and institutional development. Fundamental responsibility to provide resources for medical education and subsidy for medical services to patients who require such subsidy will remain the responsibility of the State of Arkansas.

7. UAMS will provide, without charge, office and treatment facilities for UMG members. 

8. Concordant with University policies and regulations, the UMG Board will establish internal operational procedures which are approved by the majority of the entire membership of UMG. 

9. Limits of Practice. Members of the full-time faculty will limit their engagement in providing services to private patients to those patients referred to them by physicians in practice outside the ranks of full-time faculty, to patients referred to them by another state health agency and to patients seen in special University sponsored and affiliated community service programs such as the family medicine clinics.

Practice will be limited to facilities within the University of Arkansas Medical Center and affiliated institutions. Exception to this limitation will be made if a faculty member is requested to see a patient as a consultant upon request of the responsible attending physician.

November 23, 1971