Board of Trustees Policy  100.8


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The title "Trustee Emeritus" shall be conferred by the Board of Trustees from time to time, as the occasion shall arise, upon any former Trustee who has retired from the Board after having served a full term and who wishes to accept such a designation. Former Trustees who have not served full terms may also receive such awards upon approval by the Board.

The conferring of this status shall ordinarily be in public ceremony so that appropriate approbation shall attend the marking of the recipient's distinguished public service. An appropriate Memoir and Resolve shall be spread upon the official minutes of the Board of Trustees on the occasion of all retirements of Trustees after this date and the Secretary permanently instructed to transmit a copy thereof to the persons named.

Initial designation under this policy and procedure will be restricted to former members of the Board who are living at this time.

May 31, 1963