Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  502.0

Death or Serious Injury or Illness of a University Employee or Student: Notification and Response Guidelines

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Initial or immediate notification should be made to the following administrative offices:

For a Faculty or Staff Employee

The department head (or the office of the department head) of the faculty or staff employee is to be notified immediately, and he or she will make the notifications indicated below:

  • Chancellor’s Office
  • Appropriate vice chancellor
  • University Relations, for public statements or information inquiries
  • Human Resources, for beneficiaries notifications and official changes in status and benefits processing if needed.
  • In cases of on-the-job injury, the employee’s supervisor and the employee should contact Risk Management and speak with the university’s worker’s compensation coordinator to follow procedures for filing a claim.

For a Student

The Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students, General Student Services, 575-5004, is to be notified; if unavailable, call Assistant Vice Chancellor, General Student Services, 575-2064.

If appropriate, the student's family will be called by either the Dean of Students or appropriate contact person in order to offer the sympathies of the University community and/or to coordinate assistance and support from the University.

Information regarding the death, serious injury or prolonged illness of a student will be sent by the Office of the Dean of Students to all necessary departments. Designated campus coordinators will be called. Depending on the student's local residence, the following designated campus coordinators will work with the appropriate person/group/college/department to coordinate a response. They will provide support for family, roommates, suite-mates, friends and significant others and request appropriate follow-up as indicated below.

  • Assistant Director of Residence Life and Dining Services: students living in residence halls – 575-3951
  • Assistant Dean for Greek Affairs: students living in fraternities or sororities, 575-5001
  • Associate Vice Chancellor & Dean of Students: students living off campus, 575-5004
  • Academic Counselor, Athletics: student athletes, 575-5705

The designated campus coordinator will begin discussion with CAPS and with those most closely involved regarding the best way to provide support and assistance.

  • Upon notification from the designated coordinators, CAPS will be available to provide one-on-one grief or trauma counseling to members of the University community.
  • CAPS will be available to units of the University (colleges, departments, offices, athletics, residence halls, and Greek houses) in devising a response to a death, injury or illness.
  • CAPS will be available to provide consultation, services, and support to those dealing with grief or trauma.

The designated campus coordinator will consider groups/offices on campus that may be able to help, such as the Council of Religious Organizations.

  • An appropriate campus minister will be available to groups or individuals for spiritual/grief related support. A list of the Council of Religious Organizations is provided below.
  • When a memorial service is requested, CRO members will be available to assist.
  • Campus ministers are available to consult regarding appropriate and inappropriate ways to work with family and friends.
  • CRO contacts:
    • Association of Baptist Students, 521- 8460
    • Baptist Student Union, 521-4370
    • Campus Crusade for Christ, 443-0097
    • Catholic Campus Ministry, 442-5371
    • Chi Alpha, 521-9218
    • Christ on Campus, 521-8358
    • Christian Student Center, 443-4102
    • First Baptist Church, 751-4523
    • Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, 521-2113
    • Grace Lutheran Church, 756-0020
    • Hillel Jewish Student Union, 575-5590
    • Latter-day Saints Inst. of Religion, 443- 0397
    • Missionary Baptist Student Fellowship, 442- 7093
    • Presbyterian and Disciples Center, 442-8041
    • Reformed University Fellowship, 521-3236
    • St. Martin's Episcopal Center, 443-4791
    • Student Mobilization, 582-5569
    • The Navigators, 575-3603
    • U.B.C. Collegiate Fellowship, 442-3536
    • University Lutheran Church, 442-4364
    • University Student Outreach, 582-2364
    • Wesley Foundation, 443-5226

If appropriate, the designated campus coordinator will call the Hall Manager/Chapter Advisor(s) and House Mother to assess the current situation and determine the best manner to use in notifying students. The notification process will take place with the assistance of people mentioned above.

If appropriate, the designated campus coordinator will immediately go to the hall/house and be available for grieving/traumatized students.

If appropriate, the designated campus coordinator will arrange for transportation to memorial/funeral services.

If appropriate, the designated campus coordinator will follow-up with the family members regarding packing, storing, and/or shipment of the deceased, injured or sick student's personal belongings.

The designated campus coordinator will arrange for staff members and officers in the hall or house to receive professional support throughout the grieving/trauma process.

If appropriate, the designated person within University Relations will release a statement to the media.

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Revised January, 1999
May 16, 1994