Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  224.0

Weapons Policy

Except as permitted by law, including, but not limited to, Ark. Code Ann. § 5-73-322(g), possession, discharge or other use of weapons including, but not limited to, firearms, firearm ammunition, air pistols, air rifles, fireworks, incendiary devices, lock blade or fixed blade knives with a blade length of four inches or greater, blackjacks, metal knuckles, bows, arrows, nunchucks, tasers or other electrical stun devices, visible body armor and similar equipment, shields, smoke canisters, or any other such weapons of any description on any grounds, buildings, or vehicles owned or operated by the University, including University residence halls or sorority or fraternity houses is prohibited. Further, storage of any weapon, including handguns, is prohibited at any such location, except that a concealed handgun may be stored in a licensee’s locked and unattended motor vehicle. Possession of any tear gas type products in personal use quantities for the purpose of self-defense is permissible. The use of tear gas type products for other than self-defense is prohibited.

The carrying of concealed weapons by licensed concealed carry holders with enhanced certification is addressed in detail by UA Systemwide Policies and Procedures 290.1.  Excluded locations for campus concealed carry are described in the attached Appendix. Violation of this policy may be punishable by disciplinary action, which may include suspension, or expulsion from the University.

Weapons for use by ROTC programs and the University of Arkansas Police Department may be stored in their respective secured areas.

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April 1, 1994