Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  405.2

Flexible Work Schedules

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An employee and supervisor may agree to a work week with a time schedule that differs from the regular daily schedule if it serves both the employee’s needs and those of the University. While either may initiate the request, the supervisor must agree to and approve any flexible work schedule. Full-time employees must work 40 hours in a work week, but those hours may be scheduled in a number of different ways. See the Frequently-Asked Questions section for examples.

The schedule must not create a pattern of overtime work or cause undue hardship for the administrative unit. The position in which the employee works must be one that does not require the employee’s presence during all of the regular 8:00-4:30 work day. Flexible work schedule agreements may be terminated at any time.

Any flexible work schedule agreements must be put in writing and be signed by the employee and the supervisor. Flexible work schedules should not change frequently, and any changes made to them must be documented. The written, signed agreements should be placed in the employee’s file maintained by the hiring unit.

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August 6, 2008