Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  405.1

Employing Nonresident Alien Faculty and Staff

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All nonresident alien (NRA) employees must have valid authorization to work in the United States (evidence may include one or more of the following: I-20, DS2019, I-797, I-94 and valid passport) and must have the appropriate temporary visa, usually H-1B, J-1 or TN. H-1B employment authorization cannot be transferred from another employer; the University of Arkansas must be the petitioner for H-1B employees. H-1B status is valid for a cumulative period of six years, regardless of the number of employers. The Office of International Scholars and Students can assist in obtaining or renewing legal status for non-immigrant faculty and staff.

All H-1B nonresident employees must be paid at least the prevailing wage for their positions. This requirement ensures that H-1B employees are not hired because they will accept lower wages than citizens or resident aliens.

Nonresident aliens should not be set up in BASIS by the hiring budgetary unit, but should meet, before they begin to work, with the nonresident alien taxation coordinator in the Payroll section of Human Resources, who will review employment requirements and tax treaties with them and will set them up as new employees in BASIS.

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August 6, 2008