Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  318.2

Out of Budget Cycle Base Salary Increases


Non-classified salary increases are based on merit and are initiated during the annual budget cycle. An out-of-cycle salary increase will only be considered for exceptional circumstances. The following reasons for exceptional circumstances may be considered with proper written justification:

  • Retention: In the event a department needs to retain an employee with a skill set that would be difficult and expensive to replace.
  • Equity: In recognition of an equity issue for a specific position that has been identified since the last annual budget cycle.
  • Promotion: In the event an employee has taken on additional permanent responsibility that increased the scope and depth of their current position.

Deans, directors, and department heads must comply with the following procedures when proposing a non-classified salary increase:

  • The department must have current budget available for any salary increase.
  • Proposals for out-of-cycle salary increases are entered into the PeopleAdmin7 system.
    • The workflows for increases at 5 percent or greater includes the appropriate Vice Chancellor.
    • The workflows for increases at 10 percent or greater, also includes the Chancellor.
  • The official transaction to increase the base salary occurs in BASIS utilizing the PeopleAdmin7 workflow as documentation.
  • Internal promotions of employees in non-classified and classified positions must follow the policies established by the Office of Equal Opportunity and Compliance.


All classified salary increases must comply with the higher education regular salary procedures and restrictions outlined in the Higher Education University Compensation and Classification Act and meet all requirements set forth by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education.

Revised December 18, 2017
Reformatted for Web September 22, 2014
July 24, 2014