Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  301.2

Accounts Receivable System (ARS)

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Accounts Receivable System (ARS) is a BASIS application used to create and track external customer invoices and apply receipts to those invoices. The ARS application is the official invoicing platform for the University. All external customers of the University should be billed using the ARS application. All remittances must be directed to the Treasurer’s office, as indicated on the ARS invoice document.

External customers are businesses, corporations, other universities or individuals that purchase goods and services from University of Arkansas departments. The ARS application should not be used for student billings or internal invoices.

If a department or unit identifies specific billing requirements that ARS cannot accommodate, a written request to process external invoices outside of the ARS application should be directed to the Treasurer's Office for review. The purpose of the review is to evaluate internal controls associated with the alternate billing process and to ensure that the proposed invoice meets quality standards. Requests should include a detailed explanation of how ARS cannot meet external billing requirements, a description of the proposed alternate billing method to include a discussion of internal controls in place and a sample of the proposed alternate invoice.

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July 1, 2013