Fayetteville Policies and Procedures  215.0

Official Functions Policy

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Board Policy 260.1, Official Functions Policy, states that certain events fall within an "Official Functions" designation:

  • Meetings of official institutional (in-house) committees and advisory groups;
  • Meetings of official external committees and advisory groups;
  • Receptions, honors, and staff functions;
  • Faculty and staff functions;
  • Student functions;
  • Official Board functions; or
  • Miscellaneous functions in support of the University's mission not obviously fitting one of these categories.

Funds are budgeted each year to cover activities that fall within these categories. The Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration has been delegated authority to assure appropriate accounting of these funds.

When expenditures fall within this official function designation, a budget form must be completed and approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration prior to any expenditures being made. Purchase Requisitions are prepared electronically via BASIS and submitted to the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration for approval and submittal to Business Affairs.

The budget form is attached.

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November 22, 1985